Tray Vous Product Concept and Design

Tray Vous is simple in concept and designed to be used with your existing stroller’s carry handle (not included). With your toddler’s seat in its upright position, remove the stroller’s carry handle and attach the Tray Vous connectors to each end.
product step 1

Then reconnect the handlebar with the attached connectors to the stroller base.

product step 2 (2)

Once reconnected to the stroller, you can then fit the tray snugly around the carry handle.product shot 3, final

product shot 3, finalSTEP THREE

Tray Vous is designed to fit very snugly around the carry handle. However, Velcro anchoring straps are provided for extra stability.

Tray Vous velcro strap view 1

product shot, final


Please note, Tray Vous is only compatible with the BUGABOO FROG ™ and BUGABOO CAMELEON ™ stroller models. It is NOT compatible with the BUGABOO BEE ™, BUGABOO DONKEY ™ or BUGABOO BUFFALO ™ and is only compatible with the BUGABOO C3 ™ if you can obtain an older model of the carry handle since the new C3 carry handle has changed shape. These older carry handles can still be purchased from the BUGABOO ™ online website or found easily on various resale websites


Product Includes:
Three piece unit containing a left and right side connector and one tray (BUGABOO™ carry handle required for use, not included). The tray portion is removable from the carry handle for easy cleaning with a recessed cup holder and raised edges to keep snacks, toys and books from sliding off. Connectors are designed with finger grips so your child has something to hold onto while strolling.

Tray is plastic and compliant with FDA regulations for a food contact surface. Tested and free of Lead, BPA, PVC and all Phthalates. Tray Vous is designed and tested to comply with ASTM F833-11 (section 6.8)

15″ long
6″ wide
.75″ deep

Black with texture to resist scratching.


*US Patent Approved, US7942437B2,

International patent pending