The Tray Vous Story

Tray Vous® was created  by Lauren Moore, a busy mom like any other looking to make life easier for her family. A proud and satisfied BUGABOO CAMELEON™ owner for many years, Lauren took her stroller everywhere from casual strolls down the neighborhood block to trips with her family across the world. Lauren had purchased just about all of the accessories for her BUGABOO CAMELEON™ stroller and found each to be very unique and useful.

When her daughter Peyton became an active toddler, it was abundantly clear that keeping her entertained and happy in her stroller would be a challenge. She realized what she was missing and so desperately needed was a stroller tray to hold snacks, a drink, or even just a play surface for toys and books. After diligent research of the stroller accessory market, Lauren could not find a tray that met her needs as a mom, so she developed her own.

With her Tray Vous® activity tray, errand running, strolling and life in general became significantly easier for Lauren and more enjoyable for her daughter. Peyton found a new enthusiasm for sitting in her stroller now that she had her very own “workplace” to balance the things she held so dear; goldfish, sippy cups and board books. Its compact and sleek design caught the eye of many friends, family and even strangers on the street who own or know about BUGABOO™ strollers.

Once Peyton outgrew her stroller, Lauren was thrilled to receive the same wonderful benefits of her Tray Vous® activity tray all over again with her younger son Callen.

As the Founder and Owner of Tray Vous®, Lauren Moore personally ensures that each and every tray provides families with the same satisfaction and benefits she enjoys with her own.